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RevenueWall Survey wall has been added to the site!

Another new payment option!! Tango giftcards!! Mar 19, 2019
Another great new payment option!
Tango Card!

New Wall up!! SkippyAds and a contest!! Feb 23, 2019
SkippyAds Contest!    Feb 23, 2019 12:00 AM
Complete 5 offers get 10 points! Offers 5 points and above count!! If there are no offers for your country please message the admin via trouble ticket and let the admin know so they can alert the wall to look for more offers! All countries allowed !!

New offers up! Oct 5, 2018
There are some  new offers added up in the paid to signup section!! Check them out!

Crowdflower News May 29, 2018
Crowdflower is back up and running and... there is a daily contest setup! Happy Tasking folks!

Crowdflower May 23, 2018
Waiting on Crowdflower (now figure-eight) to respond regarding our account access to verify earnings for users.

This wall is temp disabled until we receive responses from them since it has come to my attention that there are possibly some credits that should be awarded that haven't from this wall.

Crowdflower Contest Feb 25, 2017
Get a chance to win 12% bonus on 1st place in the Crowdflower Daily Contest!! If the response is good I will bump the 2nd place as well and so on!!

Daily surveys rates hike! Aug 22, 2016
Great news folks Daily survey rates have had an overhaul, come check it out!

Crowdflower News!! Aug 18, 2016
Hi everyone

Crowdflower wall has received an awesome rate bump go check it out!

Thanks to all our awesome taskers and members on the site!

Crowdflower News!! Jun 2, 2016
Crowdflower is back live folks!!
Check it out!

GPTREVIEW.net Mar 22, 2016
New offer up for GPTREVIEW.net this can be 2 times a month, and you must submit your full review as proof as well as your username you posted it under to be credited.  This is worth 10 points.
If you also submit a current (within the week) payment proof I will award you a promo code of an additional 10 points.

Thank you.

Monthly referral contest! Feb 4, 2016
Monthly Referral Contest    Feb 1, 2016 12:00 AM - Feb 29, 2016 11:59 PM
Referral must be direct. NO MULTIPLE SIGNUPS Must complete 1 offer worth 3 cents or 3 points to count in the contest. NO advertising through craigslist or any sort of hack/exploit/bot forum. Anyone found to be doing this WILL BE BANNED. General GPT advertising is allowed. IE: PTC/PTSU Ads .. Daily Clicks/CPC excluded.

CPALEAD WALL Dec 27, 2015
CPALEAD Wall is live and on site on the offerwalls page :)

Big Holidays Contest!! Oct 3, 2015

Big Holidays Contest    Oct 3, 2015 12:00 AM to Dec 20, 2015 11:59 PM
Earn the most and win!! This contest will be tiered!! Once earnings are met for a certain cap the top prize starts to increase, and so on down the line!! The more you do the more you earn!! No minimum offers ALL countries included!

    7 Month Referral Contest    Jun 1, 2015 12:00 AM - Dec 31, 2015 11:59 PM
Refer the most and win!! Referral must complete at least $1.00 worth of offers. Referral must be direct. All countries count .NO advertising through craigslist or any sort of hack/exploit/bot forum. Anyone found to be doing this WILL BE BANNED. General GPT advertising is allowed. IE: PTC/PTSU Ads .. Daily Clicks/CPC excluded.

RadiumOne wall added !! May 18, 2015
The RadiumOne Offerwall has now been added to the site :)

New Wall!! Feb 25, 2015
Paymentwall is now live on site via our offerwalls page!!

Complete 1000 Bonus Challenge Feb 19, 2015
Ok folks you all are so awesome I have to add yet another Bonus Challenge

Complete 1000 Offers over 3 cents or 2 points and win an additional $3.50 Bonus added to your account!!

Contests Feb 9, 2015
Click on the dancing dog to see the latest Contests!! More to come!!

500 OFFERS CHALLENGE !!! Complete 500 offers  worth 3 cents or 3 points  and get $2.50 added to your account .

750 OFFERS CHALLENGE!! Complete 750 OFFERS worth 3 cents or 3 points and get and additional $3.50 added to your account !!

Between those 2 CHALLENGES YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO EARN $6.00 more on top of what you earn from the offers!!   Regular offers and OFFERWALLS are included in both contests BUT the offers must be over the 3 cent or 3 points for the offer rate!!

US/UK/CA/AUS Contest Feb 9, 2015 12:00 AM - Feb 28, 2015 11:59 PM This is for regular offers only !! On the paid to signup section of the site (NO OFFERWALLS) Earn the most and win a percent of your earnings!!

Updates!! Feb 7, 2015
Crowdflower first place prize has been upped another $1.00.  For each 500 tasks done i'll up the spot with 500 tasks another $1.00.  If activity increases we'll go back to daily crowdflower contest :).

Couple more updates :)

Winterleads offerwall has been added back up onto the offerwalls page, keep your eyes peeled some more new things are coming as well.

Check out the contest page for more updates.

Site Updates! Dec 30, 2014
As we embark upon a new year I'd first like to say Happy New Year to everyone. 

Lots of Changes in store for the site in the upcoming year.

We have added a couple new walls up in the last month and are hoping for other great ones soon which will provide more earning opportunities for everyone.

Contest News 

We have a weekly Crowdflower Contest  going on right now :) 

Also a Complete 2 Regular Offers get 10 cents Contest!

I welcome you all to send us some suggestions given kindly via the inbox system on site :) 


Server Change Nov 17, 2014

There will be a small period of downtime today due to server changes around 6pm EST TODAY 11/17/2014.
We do not anticipate a huge period of downtime approximately 10-20 minutes of downtime.

Daily Crowdflower Contest prizes have been upppppppppped!! Aug 27, 2014
Great job to all taskers our daily crowdflower contest  prizes have been upped and additional prizes added!!!!

Crowdflower back up!! Aug 4, 2014
Crowdflower is back up and running

Credits from yesterday up until 12pm today.
Please submit the crowdflower (70%) offer the number of tasks you completed .

Ex. 50 tasks completed -- submit 50x

Thank you.

Daily Complete 5 get $0.25 Aug 2, 2014
Complete 5 Non offer wall offers get .25 cents.  This can be won multiple times.

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