Hello ! Welcome to ShareCashGPT .

So, you are very new and do not understand what is sharecashgpt.com & HOW to earn here on our website? No worries, we are here to explain you step by step.

First of all one major concept you need to understand about gpt is that it stands for get - paid - to (GPT).  You are paid to complete a variety of different tasks or offers by advertisers.  Some of the ways are mentioned below.

ShareCashGpt is a GPT website You can earn by multiple ways:

Watching video's.
Daily surveys.
Crowdflower Tasks.
Clicking ads.

Completing tasks from our offer wall crowdflower tasks.

All you need to get started is just a few of fresh emails and fastest browser Chrome or firefox. And CCleaner to clean your cookies. for every offer and while logging to the site you need to clean your browser cookies.  CCleaner will help you to clean your browser cookies. You can download it from the web.

How to earn ?

Check out our paid to signup section to get started. There are many ways to earn in this area of the site.  From cpc, ptc, or video ads, to daily surveys, and advertiser offers. 

Virool Offerwall is an Video's based offer wall. From our virool offer wall you can earn by watching the complete video in its entirety to receive credit for them. [You can convert points to cash ] 

Daily surveys are the most popular section in our website.  Daily surveys are pays higher rates. You can earn 0.50 to 1.50$.  And as the name said itself you can complete these offers once per every 24 hours any from this category. WE Recommend you to keep checking this category. we will have new surveys each and everyday. 

Offer walls are the Biggest part of our website and also the easiest way to make money. Currently we have  many offerwalls, and as we find more new and different ones, we are adding those up for you too!! [ Navigation > Offerwalls ] Offerwalls provides you various type of offers. Video's, downloads, apps, purchase offers etc.. Read the offer requirements to complete the offer. All the offers from every offerwall credits you instantly once you have completed an offer successfully. 

Crowdflower tasks is an offerwall that pays you for completing many simple tasks Such as searching keywords on google and answering, 
Finding company address, 
verifying social networks profiles.
Identifying celebrity photos
Entering words etc... . There is no limit to earn from our crowdflower tasks. WE Recommend you to keep checking our crowdflower everyday to find out easiest tasks and try your luck.

Many of our members are earning over 20$ - 50$ every week, some even more than that.  Why not you too ? Lets start browser our website. Happy earnings.

Clicking ads. You can also earn money clicking ads. we pay you a fraction of cent for each advertisement viewed. 

Referring your friends to our website is a best way to make money. while you are not earning much because of your location, [ Many offers are geo targeted ] its a good way to Refer your friends to us and earn commissions from what they earn in our website. We are currently Offering 7% Referral commission for the first level referrals. and 1% for 2nd level referrals. 

Your referral link can be found here :- http://www.sharecashgpt.com/members/refer.php
You are free to use our referral links & Banners. 
Share your referral links and banners with others and encourage them to join us. 

Our payment processors.
Currently we are paying by Paypal, amazon giftcards, and are open to finding different giftcards that are available to purchase online and send via email. You can request your payment once you reach 1.00$ of our minimum payment.   Sharecashgpt does not charge you anything to get paid, we pay you everything that you earn.

Thank you
Greg and Lioness